This is written in partnership by June Thornton-Marsh, of African, Japanese and Pequot heritage and Jan Froehlich, of Irish, German and Scottish heritage. They co-own Transforming Racial Lines: an organization whose mission is to transform the many lines that divide and separate humans by learning the skills of listening, loving, and lifting spirits when you can.

While heartened by the unity and power unleashed in the Black Lives Matter and Me Too Movements, we continually are reminded of the hate directed at people of Asian heritage.

To address and ultimately stop anti-Asian racism, we need to understand the nature of…

Our Necks are on the Line

“That’s Not A Chip On My Shoulder. That’s Your Foot On My Neck” — Malcolm X

Ever notice the necks of Black people are of particular interest to white people? As a Black — Japanese heritage woman, I have noticed this.

Remember George Floyd. There was particularly forceful and deadly attention put on his neck.

Yes, the human neck is an impressive sight to behold. Some Asian and African cultures have a tradition where they honor the neck by wearing neck rings to create the appearance of a stretched neck. An elongated neck is the ideal of beauty.

The neck…

June Thornton-Marsh

June Buggin’. Writer. Racial and Cutural Story teller. Global Human:100% Japanese-100% Black-100% Pequot. Mother of an awesome Skoolie girl.

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